Getting Started In Real Estate

Getting Started In Real Estate
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The Ill Avoided, Obviously Overlooked Truth About Replacing (Or Doubling) Your Income Through Real Estate

You Don’t Have To Get It Perfect, You Just Have To Get It Going

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Thank you for listening to this highly informative podcast that will help you debunk some common myths, shatter ridiculous misconceptions and help lay the necessary foundation for building a successful real estate business. If you are here looking for the magic pill for instant riches, I can save you the time of searching since you wont find it here. This podcast is for those who are ready and willing to work hard and simply need a proven road map to getting into real estate.

What You Will Learn In This Episode

  • The absolute fastest way to get into real estate
  • What it takes to become a successful real estate investor
  • Goal setting
  • Marketing, prospecting and generating leads
  • Questions of proposition
  • Positioning yourself as a buyer (not a wholesaler)
  • Selecting a market
  • My personal secrets on how to make big money from small lists
  • Going deep not wide
  • Acclimation
  • Know how vs How to
  • Plus Much Much More…

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[tweetthis display_mode=”box”]“Work a Strategy. Stop Chasing Opportunity”[/tweetthis]

[tweetthis display_mode=”box”]“Plant Seeds, Get Leads”[/tweetthis]

[tweetthis display_mode=”box”]“Learn to Start Where Most Others Quit”[/tweetthis]


Resources From This Podcast

How To Get Started In Real Estate For Less Than $100

This ground level guide will show you how to get into real estate if you don’t have a large budget for marketing. By replacing money with your time, you can become twice as effective and more likely to get results by doing the up front work required to generate consistent lead flow.

The Real Payday of My First Deal

I learned so much on my first deal. After 18 months of wondering if this business was right for me, I finally popped off my first payday….and then gave 60% of the deal away. What I realized is that I could keep struggling for 18 more months or just pay homage and have concrete proof that I can do what I just did, without having to have someone hold my hand and duplicate those results over and over.

Staying Persistent and Consistent

This podcast is completely for the mindset that always wonders and wanders.The term slow and steady wins the race is built on the same principle as staying persistent and consistent. Eat an apple a day for life and you know the results you get. Same goes with eating a chocolate bar. In real estate we call it SSDA. Same  stuff, different address. It may be boring. However, stick-to-it-ness will conquer even the toughest of times.

What I Learned After Flipping 400 Properties

This little rant came to me at 2am when I was in the middle of a transition in our business. I had been searching for a way to help new and seasoned investors learn  the biggest breakthroughs that shaped and formed our business to what it was then. The nuggets are rarely talked about in home study courses or on tonights webinar. This little rant should sell for the price of most ebooks. Yours to keep.

How To Buy Your First Real Estate Property

How to Buy Your First Real Estate Property is a ground level look at how to buy properties at a street level. We have made more income, generated more wealth, raised more capital, done better quality deals and created one of the nations greatest seller experiences by understanding investing at a ground level. This book is just the beginning, but it offers pure gold to the investor who is looking for a tried and true, low cost entry into real estate. The daily action steps offer reassurance that every investor eventually faces….am I doing what I am supposed to be doing every day to get the results I need from my business. A must have for every new investor.

Real Estate Investing Rock Stars

When the nations top investors such as Than Merrill, Kent Clothier, Ron Legrand, Mark Evans, Larry Goins and myself included were asked what they would do if they had to start over….the result was an inch thick book filled with simple to implement strategies that anyone can apply to their business. This is a power reference manual is a must have for serious new investors.


Show Notes.

1.06: Disclaimer “This is for evolving entrepreneurs”

2.40: You have to be willing to start from the bottom

3.45: The number one shortcut into getting into real estate

6.40: Quick look at what will be covered

7.23: Basics in getting into real estate

7.50: Learn how to fish in ponds that no one is fishing in.

10.35: Learn what strategy you want to be using to narrow your niche down.

12.20: My personal advice “Become a buyer”

15.15: Have a general idea of why you are doing the new venture in real estate.

17.40: The Fundamentals in getting started in real estate

18.58: The story of two chairs

24.34: Choose to excel

25.26: Get into the habit of writing offers

27.47: Two offers that you can write

30.17: Erik’s personal secrets

33.24: What we do a little different

35.31: You have to stay persistent and consistent

37.18: Step up a lead capture system

38.25: Generating big money with small lists

40.36: Going deep not wide

43.10: Street level Investing

45.01: When in doubt “mail it out”

46.01: Become very good at “dropping seeds”

48.30: Getting into the habit of collecting 1,000 addresses

49.35: Find an excellent marketing piece something that is “you-nique” that has the same language as how you mail and talk to your clients on phone

51.06: Direct Mail – Don’t choose decide on several campaigns that you will follow through.

53.56: Have a very consistent mailing process

56.04: Market control

56.49:My first deal – My personal story

59.25: Mention on the book “How to buy your first real estate property”

1.03.59: Acclimation – You have to be willing to learn from the ground up

1.04.20: Know how vs how to

1.06.47: A mentor sometimes is the only person who can get you the “know how” as they have the experience

1.09.27 : Resources that are a must have to help you get started in real estate

1.12.08: Quick rundown of the Action Steps you need

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