The Real Payday of My First Deal.

“A Mind Once Expanded Can Never Return To Its Original State”

In this episode, I share my heart pounding experience of signing my name on the dotted line for the first time.

This is one of the greatest breakthroughs in my life as I uncovered a new life skill that allowed me to forever change my financial future. However, the money had little to do with it.

Listen in as I share how I overcame my fear, stepped up to deliver immense value and kept from crumbling at the knees when it began to fall apart.

What I REALLY want is to engage. Whats your story behind your first payday? Or are you still looking to step into those shoes? Regardless, Id love to talk about it. Post your comments and notes below and I will be reaching out to share war stories or help you get prepared to step it up and close your first sale.

Lets do this…


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