REIPROFIT Masters Podcast: Erik Stark Young and Wise Real Estate Holder

“Real estate is the opportunity, marketing is the strategy.”

This was a podcast unlike any other. Not only does Cory uncover never-before-revealed information about Erik and His Personal Life, he learns about my sacrifice, wisdom, drive, WHY my WHY is important and how to build a successful real estate company  while keeping your marriage and parenting skills in  focus.

On today’s show I talk with Erik Stark. I think this is one of my favorite interviews because Erik talks about so many things I can relate to. Erik is a full-time American entrepreneur who has chiseled an exceptional life through real estate investing.

He has bought and sold over 400 properties and raised millions of dollars in private money. He has also shared the stage with some of the biggest names in personal development and real estate. He has worked with people like Preston Ely, Sean Stevenson, and Kenny Rushing.
A person whose bible is torn apart usually lives a life that is not.
Erik’s passion comes alive with his family. He has been married to his wife who he calls his love goddess for 12 years. His focus is on improving his marriage through biblical based principles. He surrounds himself with people who are supportive of god, and he runs a ministry. At 33, he has had incredible success. Erik’s main business focus is in wholesale properties and lead generation. There is a lot to learn in today’s show.


  • Why focusing on lead generation allows him to find the best deals and choose whether to keep or sale
  • Having a knack for sales, real estate was the natural progression of Erik’s journey
  • His core influences were his family and his business partner
  • His aha moment came when he was in the hospital when his son was born
  • Biggest mistake was not holding on to more properties, instead of flipping them
  • Marketing is his Profit Masters Investment Strategy, real estate is the opportunity
  • Driving a lead with “in the streets” networking and advertising strategy even Chamber of Commerce or Rotary Club
  • Advice for running a successful business is stay focused and follow strategy
  • Find a mentor who has beliefs that match yours and let them guide you down the path


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