My First 2000 Units – How A Non English Speaking Immigrant Went From 0-2000 Units

“There Is A Science of Achievement and There Is An Art To Fulfillment”
-Tony Robbins

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In this interview I have a very casual discussion with powerhouse investor Rod Khleif who has began his career knocking on doors in Colorado to purchase his first 500 properties. After the crash happened in 2006, Rod regrouped his focus to begin collecting multi family properties throughout several states using the same “in the streets” approach we talk about in our master class workshops. Rod discusses the breakthroughs and wake up calls he received throughout his successful career and talks heavily on the topic of manifestation, creating your own destiny and how to overcome being overcome.
Follow along as Rod and I have a friendly discussion around how he went from being a non english speaking immigrant to buying his first 500 homes, losing his wealth overnight and then coming back 10x as strong to carve out a small portion of wealth in the multi family niche.

What You Will Learn In This Episode

Biggest Breakthroughs – Staying Cutting Edge on Marketing and Innovation
Advice to Beginners – Do The Work, Fail Forward Fast, Setting Goals
Top Book Recommendations – Power of Focus, The Slight Edge, Think and Grow Rich
Manifestation – and Knowing The Difference Between Success vs Fulfillment
Rods Goal Setting Process

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00.28 : Brief Intro to Rod and his accomplishments
02.28: Back ground into who is Rod Khleif and what pushed him into Real Estate
08.22: How Rod’s mum got him into real estate
09.20: The two track’s you need to make it in real estate
10.46: What Rod learnt from Tony Robins
11.45: Life goes through cycles and real estate goes through cycles
11.49: Being better not bitter
12.05: The difference between success and fulfillment
13.25: Tony’s quote “There is a science of achievement and there is an art of fulfillment
14.39: Never achieve a big goal without having other goals lined up
14.53: Making sure that you don’t succeed while not being fulfilled
15.40: Tips on what to do while searching for fulfillment
18.25: Driving for success tips
22.25: Frame work of goal setting workshops
27.04: You get what you focus on
27.30: What is ventricular activating system?
30.04: How Rod got into his first 500 properties
31.11: You become competent then you get confident
32.37: Robs experience in becoming an entrepreneur
36.40: Mention of the book E-Myth By Michael Gerber
37.40: Robs biggest breakthroughs in the business
41.30: Who Rob looks at for marketing and innovation
42.02: Mention of some books that will empower you
42.45: Stay on guard to the door of your mind
43.20: Rob shares on what he is working on
44.23: Quick Tip
45.16: Success is guaranteed anytime you do things people are not willing to do.
45.22: Example
49.20: Rob on “the deals that are developing” and how they are different
55.35: Powerful strategy for beginners
57.28: Success is getting what you want happiness is wanting what you get
57.49: Three books that Rob has found to be powerful in his life
58.42: How to get a hold of Rob

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