Learn To Build Wealth: How To Structure Your Next Wholesale Deal.

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In this episode I discuss how to take a lead that has a very thin margin for cashing out the seller and restructure it to gain control over an excellent asset, with minimal down that allows you to repurpose its value and give you several options to profit from.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

    • How To Take a Bad Lead and Create Big Opportunity
    • How To Get To The REAL Needs of Your Sellers and The Secret Language They Speak
    • How to Reposition Yourself As A Value Add Buyer Instead of The Investor Who Just Wants A Steal
    • Why True Landlords LOVE Solutions Just Like These
    • Why You Should Be Making Two Offers on Every Property You Buy
    • What Exit Strategies You Can Create When Controlling Well Located Assets
    • How To Sell Properties on Wrap Notes
    • Where to Find Sellers Who Want Income Instead of Cash
    • How To Make Passive Income Without Dealing With Tenants, Toilets or Taxes

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