Case study: How To Flip A $40,000 Property For A $64,000 Profit.

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In this case study we will dissect one of the most powerful strategies in real estate.

We have all heard of the term flipping, wholesaling, assigning, etc. Yet very few case studies break down the dynamics of WHY and HOW that deal came to fruition.

In this powerful overview we show you how we more than doubled our money on a quick deal…and more importantly, where you can begin applying these strategies to your business.

Inside we will break down:

  • How We Found The Deal.
  • How We Analyzed The Deal.
  • How We “Walked” Around This Property To Find Its Highest and Best Use.
  • How We Prepared To Close and Fund This.
  • How We Found The Buyer.
  • How We Structured The Deal.

Lastly, We Show Proof That This Is A Real Deal That Anyone Can Do.

Ultimately, the greatest takeaways are the power of relationships and the horsepower of real estate when leveraged properly. Its easy to sit here today and know we made $64,000 profit, although I had no idea this deal would ever come when I was following up with the family over and over. Flying to town to stop in and meet with them and build rapport. Invite them to our latest project so they see we are adding value to the community.

THOSE were the action steps that TRULY got this deal handed over to us.

They were comfortable with us.

 They knew they could trust us.

They knew we could perform.

They had proof we are the real deal.

To summarize this transaction, I would tell every person listening to focus on building valuable relationships. THAT is what got this deal done.

I look forward to hearing about your deals, relationships and questions regarding real estate.

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