Direct Mail Marketing-Episode 1

“Good Marketing Makes the Company Look Smart. Great Marketing Makes the Customer Feel Smart.”
– Joe Chernov



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Thank you for listening to this highly informative podcast that will help you debunk some common myths, shatter ridiculous misconceptions and help lay the necessary foundation for building a successful real estate business. If you are here looking for the magic pill for instant riches, I can save you the time of searching since you wont find it here. This podcast is for those who are ready and willing to work hard and simply need a few ideas, tips and strategies to implement in their business.
In this episode, which is the first podcast in a series of six discussing direct mail marketing, we begin with the fundamentals every professional must have to run a successful direct mail campaign.
Turn off your distractions, grab a pen and paper along with your favorite beverage and take some notes, write some questions, doodle some strategies and review the resources so you can implement these ideas into your business and begin getting the results you deserve.

What You Will Learn In This Episode.

  • How to identify your hyper focused target market list of prospects
  • Why creating an avatar is crucial to identifying your target market
  • Crazy direct mail statistics regarding follow up sequences
  • How to create magnetic marketing pieces and the questions that create them for you
  • How identifying your prospects objections lead to better offers and procedures
  • Why focusing on your customers results gets greater responses than your ability to help them
  • The exact formula for creating irresistible offers
  • How to set up lead capture mechanisms
  • How to create multi step, follow up sequences
  • Plus much much much more…

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Resources From This Podcast

How to Create High-Quality Deal Flow by Implementing a Laser Focused Direct Marketing Campaign – with Erik Stark
In this episode I did with my friend Kevin Bupp, I get asked some interesting questions that reveal some secrets, nuggets and implementable ideas surrounding marketing and direct mail marketing specifically…

Smart Marketing with Erik Stark (From The Bigger Pockets Podcast)
In this oh so casual conversation with my awesome friends Josh and Brandon over at Bigger Pockets, we dig deep into our “go deep not wide” philosophy and how we make big money with small lists. This is a must listen to episode for anyone serious about direct mail marketing and especially those just starting off needing low cost ways to generate leads.

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Show Notes.

0.30: Intro

2.50: Statistics on Direct mail

4.08: He who stays the course wins the gold

4.54: Some people who have won big with direct mail

9.48: List of the topics being covered in this podcast

12.30:Creating a hyper focused target market

13.36: General filters

14.34: Follow up systems

18.45: The benefits of a smaller list

19.35: Adding on additional filters

21.06: People who are likely to do business with you

21.55: Finding fishing ponds that only you are fishing

30.33: Magnetic Media

31.57: Where is your avatar looking for answers to their questions

39.00: Understanding the relief you give to your sellers

40.56: Creating an Irresistible offer

44.25: My conversation with Dean Jackson

48.42: What is an advertorial?

49.56: What an irresistible offer should entail

52.37: How important it is to have a “Call to action”

53.30: Lead Capture system

54.44: What I have found gets people to take action

55.32: Some of the crucial info you should be able to get

56.06: Lead capture things you can put into place

1.00.15: Different scenarios for lead capture

1.04.30: Having a multi-step follow up system

1.05.47: What your multi-step system should have

1.09.00: What I learned from the Glazier Kennedy Institute

1.12.33: Our personal story

1.22.06: Vote of thanks

1.22.21: Other resources for you to get your teeth into

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